Helping A New Consulting Business In Singapore To Gain £2M Recurring Yearly Income

Case Study

Helping A New Consulting Business In Singapore To Gain £2M Recurring Yearly Income


February. 12, 20

Service Offering: Technology Consulting

Being integral to the growth of a small regional technology consulting practice in a boutique consultancy firm in Singapore and grow their Change capabilities.

As a consultancy company hubbed in the UK, JDX Consulting had just established a small regional entity in Singapore. The company was known for its operational services offering, which was a successful global business. However, they were looking to diversify their consulting capabilities in Asia beyond that service.

Their strategy for this was to grow their Technology Consulting offering by partnering with small technology vendors and provide augmented resources within implementation teams.

The problem was that a Fintech technology partner in Singapore was not ready to accept external contractors to help them grow their service offering or assist in their implementation.

Our solution:

  • Work with the technology firm as part of the implementation team, to gain SME knowledge in the Fintech product
  • Establish a trusted relationship with senior management in Singapore and build a reputation for JDX Consulting as a stable source of capable people who could augment their existing implementation team in their most significant bank implementation to date.
  • Understand the capacity constraints the Fintech firm was facing, and through the relationship sold three additional resources into the Fintech company from JDX
  • Coached and trained a team of new resources in the Fintech Company product

The result:

Established a 2-year strong relationship with the Fintech Company. The partnership grew to generate almost £2 million recurring income year on year. This enabled further project opportunities in New York and London.

The on-site consultants continue to support the transformation program for the highest revenue-generating business in the largest bank in Singapore, Standard Chartered Bank.